Integrative Medicine:
A Different Look

It is a new model of patient care, in which within the Safety of conventional medicine, new techniques and treatments are added that take more account of the emotional and global aspect of the patient

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Taking care of yourself is listening to understand

As soon as we stop to become aware of how the things around us can affect us, a huge range of possibilities are opened up to us to understand why we are not well.

What is it?

Integrative medicine is a new different lookthat studies the person globally by adding other safe and effective techniques to traditional medicine.

What benefits does it bring?

  • It seeks to maintain and promote the balance between our physical, mental, social-emotional well-being.

  • The person is the center of his own healing.

  • Encourage the reaction of the organism itself (not just to counteract a symptom).

  • Add Health

  • Prevention, health promotion, continuing education and lifestyle medicine are key axes in the integrative vision of health.

  • Without detracing from the great importance of common pharmacological measures, the integrative health professional has more therapeutic tools that he can use to reduce the need for drug medicines pharmacologically, improving the health condition of the person.

The World Health Organization (WHO) approved a strategy for the years 2014 to 2023 in favor of the integration of traditional and complementary medicines into national health systems.

What can we do to maintain good health?

  • Take care of yourself in basic questions: eating, physical exercise, rest, leisure, etc….

  • Perform good emotional management.

  • In children: it is important to value the “wifi” environment, because we know that they are very sensitive to those around you.

What happens when a symptom appears?

  • Investigate the cause.

  • Understand why.

  • Treat the symptom: always with the best treatment, without losing options.

  • Treat the symptom: always with the best treatment, without losing options.

  • Make the necessary changes so that it does not re-emerge. The patient is proactive in all phases.